Repairs and other Projects


I enjoy figuring out creative and money-saving solutions home or church repairs.

In addition to repairs, I can watch over your house or place of business while you are away, doing any maintenance required, and keeping you informed of conditions.

I can oversee your construction project as your house is being built or remodeled, dealing with contractors and vendors to ensure the work gets done as specified and in a timely manner.

For building contractors, I can manage your punch-out list on a contract basis.

Below is a partial list of some of the projects I can do. If you don't see what you need here, give me a call. 904-753-1809


Replace rotting wood on decks, siding, trim, etc.

Replace/repair mailbox and/or post

Emergency roof patch/repair

Remove gutters and patch/paint fascia boards

Replace rotten wood siding, trim, decks, etc.

Patch and paint minor damage. (And major damage too!)

Spray for carpenter ants and termites.

Replace existing windows and doors.

Repair or replace shutters.

Cleanup and re-stain/varnish doors.

Replace door handles and dead bolts

Repair decks.

Build & water seal decks.

Build sheds and other outdoor structures less than 500 sq ft.

Pressure wash house, walkways, driveways.

Seal and sand pavers

Fix broken pipes and faucets

Repair fences

Replace existing outside light fixtures, change bulbs, etc.



Faux finishes

Stain & Varnish

Drywall repair

Ceiling repair/touch-up

Caulk cracks

Shave/adjust crooked doors

Put pocket doors back on tracks

Replace existing electrical outlets, switches, lights

Replace doors and trim

Strip wallpaper & patch walls

Change door hinges and other hardware

Install wood, vinyl, or laminate floors

Replace baseboards or other trim

Replace kitchen or bath faucets & valves

Repair or replace plumbing pipes & valves

Replace toilets

Install new sinks

Install new countertops

Paint, varnish, faux finish, or replace cabinets

Install dishwasher, stove, refridgerator

Replace ice maker (most models)

Clean or replace A/C drain pipes

Here are some things that I cannot do:

Computer or other electronic repairs.

Pre-hurricane preparations.

Air conditioning